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20 December 10

Monster Rally - “Swamp Campfire”

[Coral (LP), Gold Robot, 2011]

You wake up alone and disoriented in the middle of a dark forest. You hear the faint sounds of ceremonial drumming coming from the distance, pointing your ears toward the direction of the subtle glow of a mysterious campfire. Reluctantly, you inch closer towards sounds of ritualistic chanting and Spanish guitar, almost lighting your way through the darkness…

I chose to share a track off my latest vinyl order from Gold Robot records. Monster Rally’s Coral LP is an inspiring excursion through exotic lands filled with sample-based rhythms and spicy latin vibes. The album is great background music for just about anything, but I recommend you strap on your best headphones and zone out for some good old fashioned astral projection.

Pre-order Coral on limited edition 12” sea foam green vinyl from Gold Robot records. (Yes, you will buy it now). It is also available for name-your-own-price download on Bandcamp. As a side note, the cover art features one of the most eye-popping collages I have seen since Person Pitch. Do yourself a favor and check this one out.

11 December 10

Young Henry - “Pollen” (Demo)

The diverse experimental-pop producer Young Henry has a brand new, bright and vibrant electronic single ready to engage our senses this morning. The full song, as well as the demo posted above, are both available for free download on the Zoom Lens label page on Bandcamp.

Inspired by oriental melodies, “Pollen” is the most upbeat, danceable, straightforward piece of electronic pop we have heard from Young Henry, proving that he is capable of mastering a range of various musical styles. The song has a sunny summer vibe which will warm you up during these cold winter months and remind you of your happiest childhood memories.

Be sure to download the full, studio-quality version of “Pollen” here.

9 December 10

Wise Blood - “Loud Mouths”

"Loud Mouths" is the latest track from Wise Blood, the ghostly glam-pop project from Pittsburgh’s  Christopher Laufman. The song opens with some tripped-out choral samples, giving way to Laufman’s sly falsetto spilling over an icy hip-hop beat.

"Loud Mouths" will be featured on his upcoming LP, which is to be released in 2011 on Dovecote

6 December 10

Ghost Animal - “Ghost (I Cannot Be)”

Here is the latest track from Portland’s Ghost Animal in all its acoustic beauty. ”Ghost (I Cannot Be)” was written and recorded just last night by singer/songwriter/gin drinker Michael Avishay. This superbly recorded acoustic track is completely absorbing in its honest simplicity. Simply listening to this song only one time is not an option. Download the track here.

"Ghost (I Cannot Be)" will not be featured on Ghost Animal’s latest cassette Youth which is set to be released on Kill/Hurt this week. Be sure to pick up your copy before it sells out.

26 November 10

Solar Bears - “Perpetual Meadow”

[She Was Coloured In, Planet Mu, 2010]

It seems that this week has truly been a time of giving within the musical blogosphere, with unexpected new releases from Atlas Sound, GOBBLE GOBBLE, and Jaded Hipster Choir, among others. Today, John Kowalski of the band Solar Bears was kind enough to send me a digital copy of their album She Was Coloured In which was released on Planet Mu Records this past September. You can pick up your copy here.

The album is a spacey, colorful treat with an ambiance crafted from otherworldly electronics, crystal clear synths, and the occasional guitar melody giving the album a deeply human touch. The whole thing comes together on the closing track “Perpetual Meadow” which intertwines harmonious textures of acoustic and electronic bliss to send you sailing off into the clouds.

21 November 10

Ricky Eat Acid - “Bones”

Last night rising musician Sam Ray (a.k.a. Ricky Eat Acid) announced his brand new EP called Sometimes We’re Blue, which is available for free/name your own price download on his Bandcamp. His latest EP takes a different direction than last month’s dark, sample driven Dance With U EP. On Sometimes We’re Blue, we find him creating beautiful, ambient, piano-centric melodies perfect for Sunday morning.

Listen to "Bones" (posted above) and "I Found Your Flower Crown" (over at Clap Clap Colour). If you like what you hear, which I am sure you will, you can stream/download the rest of the EP here.

16 November 10

Kohwi - “Hobbies (ft. Mutual Benefit)”


Two of our favorite bedroom artists Cory Levinson (a.k.a. Kohwi) and Jordan Lee (a.k.a. Mutual Benefit) have teamed up for a glorious collaboration on a new track called “Hobbies.” The song is featured on Dope Mountain Fuck, the debut mixtape from a new cassette label called Crash Symbols which is run by Jheri Evans (who also runs the Get Off the Coast blog) and Dwight Pavlovic (who runs Royal Rhino Flying Records). Dope Mountain Fuck also features new tracks from Closed Cassette, Pariah Carey, and Sports. It is available for download on Bandcamp. Go get it.

11 November 10

MP3: Clock Opera - “Once And For All (Clive Tanaka Remix)”

Clive Tanaka (who we know from this year’s Jet Set Siempre Vol. 1) remixes this soft slice of synth-pop from the electro pop project Clock Opera, lead by Guy Connelly. The new single “Once and For All” is currently out on the Paris label Kitsune. The single also inclues an additional remix from Little Loud

» MP3: Clock Opera - “Once and For All (Clive Tanaka Remix)

(via Clash Music)

8 November 10

Pill Wonder - “Feel the Force of Love”

This chilled out, acid-washed track from Seattle’s Will Murder (a.k.a. Pill Wonder) is part of the Deadbeat Vol. 1 compilation tape released by No Nothing Publishing and sold at the Underwater Peoples secret Halloween show. “Feel the Force of Love” is a more direct, laid back alternative to Pill Wonder’s more psychedelic, freewheeling Jungle/Surf 12” EP released last February on Underwater Peoples. While the song holds a steady, kicked back beat, it also includes a fair amount of swirling, hazy sound effects which lift the track high off the ground. It’s a love song, but it certainly doesn’t sound like one. Will Murder’s vocals are reserved, reverberated, and fuzzy enough to nestle comfortably between your ears. The song fits in a warm and cozy space, with rainbows, and maybe some funny colored smoke.

6 November 10

The Joe - Wayward (GOBBLE GOBBLE Remix)

Download the mp3 from The Joe’s Bandcamp.

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