No Stranger Feeling
16 November 11

Bodyboat - “0044”

MP3 »  Bodyboat - “0044”

MP3 »  Bodyboat - “Eros”

Bodyboat is a currently anonymous electronic project from Oslo that has recently caught the attention of the blogosphere with its silky, haunted beats on a couple of solid tracks. You may have stumbled upon the creepy video for Bodyboat’s latest release, “0044,” but it also serves well as a stand alone piece allowing your imagination to run wild. 

"Eros" is another outstanding, more pop-centric jam with undertones of subtle darkness hidden beneath the sexy vocal samples. So far, only a few tracks have surfaced under the Bodyboat stamp. They can be found on Bandcamp or Soundcloud. As far as I know this artist is unsigned, but fans of the Tri-Angle label should definitely keep their ears open for Bodyboat’s next move.

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18 July 11

Chrome Sparks - “Doubt, No”

Michigan beat-wizard Jeremy Malvin (a.k.a. Chrome Sparks) is back on the grind with seven brand new tracks behind his latest release, My <3. The album’s opener is “Doubt, No”—a late night slow-burner teasing with pitch-shifted vocal samples and a cheery beat. It’s a stellar soundtrack for stars dancing across the night sky.

The album features some other great new cuts from Chrome Sparks including a couple collaborations with LA singer/songwriter/sweetheart Steph Thompson (a.k.a. Steffaloo). Be sure to check it out if you are into them chilled-out electronic vibes. 

You can grab My <3 over at bandcamp, via name-your-price download. Get into the groove.

MP3» Chrome Sparks - “Doubt, No”

30 June 11

Ghibli - “Bring Weed to the Cabin”

[Pythia, Wonder Beard/bandcamp, 2011]

In case you haven’t heard, Ghibli is the latest musical project of Edmonton’s electronic wiz-kid Thomas Michael, who previously recorded under the moniker Jaded Hipster Choir. His new album Pythia is currently available for download on bandcamp, and will also be available on cassette soon through Wonder Beard Tapes.

Ironically, his new project sounds like more of a “choir” than ever, at least during tracks such as “Suicide” and “Bring Weed to the Cabin” which sample angelic choir vocals in conjunction with killer club beats. While raved-out classical compositions are a dominant theme on Pythia, the samples are not restricted to classical music. Ghibli also samples American soul, oriental pop, and even field recordings of fireworks and birds on his tracks, juicing them up with his own unique style. The result is fresh and exciting, spanning a range of emotions while ultimately instilling a sense of joy and wonder.

Now that summer is basically in full swing, it’s time to get on your favorite level and dive into Pythia if you haven’t already done so. 


22 February 11

Keys Cut - “A Basement”

[Fall Asleep Already, self-released, 2011]

Dylan Khotin-Foote (of Happy Trendy, Kumon Plaza) recently introduced me to this fantastic new instrumental electronic EP from one of his Canadian pals, a Vancouver artist who performs under the name Keys CutFall Asleep Already contains five lovely, chilled-out ambient tracks perfect for ending a long day.

"A Basement" is the fluttering, airy opener which sets the tranquil tone for the rest of this release. Nothing abrasive here, but nothing dull either. Just seventeen minutes of calm, beautiful electronic sounds to fill your ears and relax your sprit.

Download the rest of the EP from the Keys Cut bandcamp page. Chill out, it’s free.

8 February 11

Ghibli - “Hollywood Snow” 

Ghibli is the new electronic solo project of Edmonton’s Thomas Michael, who has formerly been recording under the moniker Jaded Hipster Choir for a little over a year. If you have never heard of Jaded Hipster Choir before, sorry buddy, you just ain’t hip. Although the beats from Pill Weekend and Kodama will live forever, the name is officially dead. Get on board with Thomas’ “big rebrand” by digging into his hot new track “Hollywood Snow.”

To say that “Hollywood Snow” is Ghilbli’s interpretation of Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Goin’ Down” would be an easy understatement. The chopped-up, down-pitched R&B samples are fed through underground labyrinths of fresh n’ funky sounds that quake and rumble beneath the surface. Before you know it, the beat is building back into the song’s subtle climax with beautifully warped string and vocal loops. Headphones and repeated listens are essential for appreciating the depth of this track, which is a good thing unless you hate music.

Download “Hollywood Snow” on bandcamp. Yeah, now dude. Right now.


31 January 11

Kites Sail High - “Stand By”

Not a whole lot has been said about San Francisco’s Kites Sail High, the sample-based, ambient synth-pop project of Mario Baltodano. Perhaps because it is impossible to find a decent bio on the artist, or maybe because his style isn’t defined by any particular “buzz-genre” (such as chillwave, shoegaze, drone, etc.) However, I have a feeling that this artist will not go under-looked much longer because his style is actually pretty undeniable. 

Case in point, his latest track “Stand By,” which he recently announced through his Twitter. There is an abundance of radiant sounds filling this near seven-minute track to its fullest capacity. Swirling synths, pedal pops, gurgling drone, rhythmic ticks, and the icing on the cake, angelic female vocal loops, all bubbling around the melding pot until the beat kicks in around two-minute mark followed by some chopped up vocal ear-candy.

Every sound is in its place. Nothing is rushed. Nothing drags on. This is winter-wave done right, taking the summer vibes from recent electronic trends and translating them into a timely, relevant piece that isn’t too dark or too sunny. 

Kite Sail High’s previous LP/double-EP Alone/Secrets is currently out on Life’s Blood. You can download “Stand By” here.

10 January 11

VIDEO: Pressed And - “Pat Pat”

Pressed And is the name of a side-project collaboration between Andrew Hamlet of the Atlanta based synth-pop duo ArnHao and Chapel Hill’s post-chillwave producer Matt Jones a.k.a. It is rain in my face., who’s track "A Fish In the Sea" has begun making the blog rounds.

Bridging the gap between dubstep and dream-pop, “Pat Pat” is an electronic slow jam built on lush vocal samples and a creeping beat, with a few strategically placed pops, crackles, and claps to spice things up. There is also an underlying, bassy drone which emerges from the noise, giving this track some serious flow.

You can download the audio here.

11 December 10

Young Henry - “Pollen” (Demo)

The diverse experimental-pop producer Young Henry has a brand new, bright and vibrant electronic single ready to engage our senses this morning. The full song, as well as the demo posted above, are both available for free download on the Zoom Lens label page on Bandcamp.

Inspired by oriental melodies, “Pollen” is the most upbeat, danceable, straightforward piece of electronic pop we have heard from Young Henry, proving that he is capable of mastering a range of various musical styles. The song has a sunny summer vibe which will warm you up during these cold winter months and remind you of your happiest childhood memories.

Be sure to download the full, studio-quality version of “Pollen” here.

1 December 10

Ra Cailum - “Close My Eyes”

Anthony Engelhardt (a.k.a. Ra Cailum) has just released a digital copy of his new album Walkabout for free on his Bandcamp, where you can stream/download the album in its entirety. Walkabout will be available on cassette from Wonder Beard Records soon, most likely in January. 

This album maintains a distinct sound of ambient synth-pop and boasts some crafty beats, as apparent on the track “Close My Eyes” which is posted above for your listening pleasure.

Here is a word from Anthony on his recording process, as posted on his Bandcamp:

I made this over the course of my tenure at SAIC. It’s supposed to sound like Owen or Cap’n Jazz. I wanted to make a more emotionally-driven album, instead of making tracks that were based on formal aspects within the song. I improvised a lot of the vocals, and most of them were recorded in one or two takes, with very minimal editing. I hope y’all dig it!