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18 April 11

Lizard Kisses - “Slow Bones”

Brooklyn-based duo Lizard Kisses have just released a couple of lovely new songs on French digital singles label Beko. “Slow Bones” is a dreamy folk-pop ballad with gorgeous acoustic harmonies. Download the single from Beko along with its equally delightful companion track “Bottom Dollar.”

Lizard Kisses’ Beko 83 single is also being released on a unique and innovative physical format. The songs have been recorded on a CD-Record which can be played in a CD player as well as on a turntable. Unfortunately it will not play in your tape deck, don’t push your luck. The CD-Record even comes with an exclusive bonus song called “Hirono.”

The band demos the CD-Record in a video here, where you can place your order for this one-of-a-kind physical release.

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